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If you are interested in a holistic and drug-free approach to therapy to help restore the body’s natural function, Manual Osteopathic Therapy may be right for you! Elevate Chiro is pleased to offer this holistic therapy that emphasizes the importance of the myofascial and musculoskeletal systems, including the muscles, joints, and spine, and helps you attain better health and wellness.

What is Manual Osteopathic Care?

Manual osteopathic therapy is a form of hands-on therapy that focuses on the investigation and treatment of body dysfunctions. The entire body is examined and any disruptions are treated, whether symptoms exist or not. It views the body as a whole interconnected system, as opposed to focusing only on individual symptoms or isolated parts of the body, believing that abnormal functioning in one area of the body can cause symptoms to present elsewhere in the body. Using gentle but intentional manual therapy, which could include physical manipulation, palpitation, and stretching, combined at times with massage therapy, your practitioner will treat with techniques that engage the particular dysfunctional tissue until the function is normalized.

Benefits of Manual Osteopathic Therapy:

Manual Osteopathic Therapy is an effective treatment on its own, or can be used in conjunction with physiotherapy, chiropractor and massage therapy. Changes are often felt immediately, or shortly after treatment. Benefits include:

  • Can treat many musculoskeletal disorders like low back pain, rotator cuff injury, neck pain, knee pain etc.
  • Treatment of TMJ
  • Treatment of Anxiety
  • Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
  • Treatment of Insomnia
  • Improve stiffness in joints and muscles and improve joint range of motion
  • Improve posture that contributes to spinal injury or pain
  • Relieve chronic pain by decreasing any stress on the joints and improving alignment
  • Reduce scar tissue and adhesions
  • Improve menstrual pain, respiratory conditions and digestion
  • Treat traumatic injuries such as sports injuries or falls

Elevate Chiro is committed to helping you achieve optimal overall health and wellness. If you would like to learn more about manual osteopathy therapy, or you would like to set up an appointment with one of our dedicated team members, please call us at (403) 701-1488 and we will be happy to help!

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